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Tatami Sneakers

Tatami Sneakers

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Coming in hot for another summer, the 2023 release of our TATAMI SNEAKERS! Catch this wearable work of art now!

The upper of the shoe design is inspired by the traditional Tatami Mats of Japan with the weaving of the mesh material that also provide comfort and breathability. This is broken up by hydro-dip inspired accents on the toe, side (which also acts as a lace eyelet), and the heel of the shoe. This is also accompanied by other colored leather and nubuck accents to give it that street art feel.

The translucent outsole of the shoe helps show the hydro-dip inspired look. This outsole is also made up of a sturdy and abrasion-resistant rubber that gives the shoe good grip and feel. The midsole is primarily made up of EVA material which gives it that awesome cushioning as well as fair stability for those days when you just need to go about and do your errands!

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