About Us

Mission: To empower the everyman. To give them a chance to spread their wings and be the best they can be. The brand represents everyman is given fighting chance to rise above any adversities in life and overcome any hurdles and obstacles in achieving their dreams and goals.

Vision: We aim to become one of the top 5 Footwear brands globally and virtually within Ten Years. We strive to have an impregnable physical and virtual presence in the Sneaker Industry that significantly impacts culture, lifestyle, athletics and fashion globally. 

Finn Cotton is a lifestyle brand that represents everyman, we understand that most brands are focused on promoting the best of the best, the elite athletes, the famous personalities and mainstream talent. We dare to promote and uplift the underdogs, the struggling and the thriving. Our goal is to focus on giving everyone a fighting chance to succeed in life and career. Finn Cotton will push the boundaries of talent sponsorship to focus on the unsponsored but hardworking. Along in the pipeline, the Finn Cotton Brand plans to open up talent agencies and Creative Studios to continue providing opportunities to whoever dares to be successful in their chosen fields. We invite collaborations with different brands and representations to ensure diversity in our brand. Finn Cotton also dares to promote peace, diversity and fight disinformation. Finn Cotton will take a stand in not being neutral with certain global situations that we hope will create a revolution of people and organizations to fight against injustice and corruption. With this we envision to capture the proper market and grow both our customer base and help make the world a better place.
"Make that step. Make it Finn Cotton."